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Home Enema Services Near Me

The times when you would have to reach a hospital to get severe treatment has passed. In today’s world, nursing care services are available at home. 

"Is there a Home enema service near me?"

Yes, there is. One of the most common questions that arise to mind is “how to get home enema service near me?”. Enema is a complicated treatment that should be done at home with proper care. Although enemas are an efficient tool in medicine, when you try to give yourself  enemas at home, it can cause complications. Even a slight mistake administered while doing an enema can severely damage tissue in your rectum/colon, in case the device is not sterile, can cause infection and a bowel perforation. Electrolyte imbalances are also witnessed while using enema regularly. 

Nowadays it is easy to get an IV, IM at home. Since IV infusions permit a set amount of medication to be administered in a disciplined, it should be injected with proper care at home. IM injections are injected deep into a particular muscle where the medication is absorbed by surrounding blood vessels.


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Get Bedsore dressing at home

A bedsore is also a critical condition that causes injury to the skin and one of the underlying tissue which occurred from a prolonged pressure put on the skin.

A condition of bedsore can limit the ability to change and settle in positions. Due to such important preventions to be made, bedsore dressing at home is a good choice. Bedsore 

Dressing at home includes dressing the wound and Covering it with medicated gauze or anything that can be a barrier against the infection. Following a diet that involves high-protein and vitamin C-rich fruits and green vegetables. A nutritional diet promotes fast wound healing.

Catheterization at home now!

Catheterization at home is a technique of thoroughly emptying the bladder when there is a need to. A thin tube called a catheter is inserted into one’s bladder. Through the catheter, the urine flows out of the bladder. Catheterization at home is preferred as catheters can be used in case of having a damaged nerve or troubles with the urinary tract. It helps against any disease that weakens your bladder muscles.

In case you’re wondering whether a Ryle’s tube change at home is necessary, the answer is yes. Every 2 weeks, the ryles tube is to be changed as they are constructed from high Page 3 of 19 grade PVC which can cause complications and get highly brittle over time. It is convenient to get a Ryle’s tube change at home.