We Dedicate— Comprehensive ICU Setup At Home With Professionalism -:

If you want to get a hassle-free and worry-free ICU setup at home? So, Don’t worry, Carevive Home Healthcare is a one-stop unit where you get all complete and long-lasting ICU setup at home with our experienced and skilled nursing attendant. Get a clinically certified specialist for round a clock ICU at home with a strong panel of doctors/nursing staff at the lowest budget. Our ICU setup at home includes require advanced technology, medical equipment— CPAP/BIPAP, OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR, PULSE OXIMETER, CARDIAC MONITOR, VENTILATOR, NEBULIZER, and more, all vaccination kits, and more tools with essential, high-quality treatment making them feel at the ease being at home. Get New born baby care service book now.

We at Carevive Home Healthcare, serve ICU at home with professional staff, you can ensure your good health with us, we always handle worse situations related to ICU, long-lasting(chronic) diseases, and more. Get pocket-friendly services with complete patient requirements, We provide hassle-free ICU setup at home with lots of industry experience in the category of nursing/hospital. Now, book an appointment with our experienced nursing attendant regarding ICU at home, vaccination service at home, Covid-19 care at home, Japa maid service at home, cancer patient care at home, and many more nursing services. 

We deliver exclusive, superior, and quick service in our recommended nursing bureau in Delhi NCR, we deal with many clients with 100% satisfaction. We provide appropriate, sustainable, cost-effective services at home with hassle-free moves. We offer intensive care services in the comfort of their homes and we dedicate quality-based hospital-like clinical treatment at the lowest budget. Hire our expert, proficient, and certified nurse for ICU at home and get exclusive services in one place. Our main goal is— we take care of your good health, and we serve mandatory benefits in our ICU setup at home for patients.  

Now, you ensure your ICU setup at home with our highly professional nursing attendants with lots of experience. Get a one-stop solution for all kinds of nursing services in our recommended nursing bureau in Delhi, which delivers the best quality services with perfect supervision. We have fixed protocols for the managed situation. The patient may require assistance with fluids like blood, glucose, etc. Proper and monitored infusions are provided in the ICU at home. We provide Cancer patient care at home call now today.

Why Choose Our ICU At Home?

Nurse Supervision: Just like a hospital ICU, our nursing attendants treat our patients with appropriate supervision. 

Personalized Care: you will get a critical care nurse at home, who’ll only be devoted to the patient 24/7.

Cost-Effective: We offer a pocket-friendly ICU setup at home. 

100% Satisfaction: we can be near them all the time to personally monitor their caretaking.

Home Environment: we believe that patients tend to recover faster in the comforts of their home environment.

Luxurious & comfortable ICU setup at home.

Lots of industry experience.

Safe, hygienic, sustainable service.

Easily get a consultation.

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