What Is Stoma Care?

A stoma is an artificial opening that allows feces or urine to pass from the intestine or the urinary tract. This opening is done through surgery which helps to treat the disease condition and relieve symptoms. Our stoma care nurse is to look after and advises our patients with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy before and after surgery sessions. Stoma care or nursing care of colostomy patients is crucial, and proper ostomy care at home involves removing the pouch gently, cleaning the skin below the pocket by using water, letting the skin dry, sprinkling fine ostomy powder on the specific skin area, and wiping off the extra powder gently. Get Elderly Care service call now.

Are You Looking For Proficient Stoma Care Nurse?

We at Carevive Home Healthcare clinic, offer all kinds of complete stoma care services in a professional manner at the lowest cost. Get a stoma care nurse at home with consultation also. Hire our expert nursing attendant for stoma care at your doorstep and we are renowned as the top-most nursing bureau in Delhi NCR. We are the dedicated safest platform, where you can quickly get stoma care with 100% security & quality-based medical treatment at your doorstep. We have more than +5 years of industry experience in the category of nursing/hospital. We consistently provide excellence in healthcare through our proactive partnerships with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers. We are trusting and reliable nursing attendants. Now with Carevive Home Healthcare, we look forward to doing so, within the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home. Get Elderly Care Service In Noida book.

Who Needs Stoma Care Nurse?

Patients of colon cancer, rectum cancer, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease who have undergone colostomy or ileostomy need stoma care. Most people are suffering from bladder cancer and prostate cancer. You may also need stoma care if you suffer from serious pelvis damage or severe urinary incontinence. We provide 100% safest & secure stoma care nurse at home— it’s more beneficial for your HEALTH. We take care of you as our PRIORITY. Now, book an appointment online with our highly professional stoma care nurse regards stoma care.

Why Choose Our Stoma Care Nurse At Home?

  • Stoma care with compassion and empathy
  • Helping stoma patients with everyday activities like— bathing, feeding, and mobility. 
  • Supremacy Of our doctor/nursing staff: We are efficient, highly qualified, and well-knowledge about stoma care. 
  • Quality-based stoma care. 
  • Save time & save money. 
  • Diet counseling according to the patient’s needs. 
  • We offer pocket-friendly services with No hidden cost at your doorstep. 
  • 24×7 hours available for YOU. 
  • We are affordable, accountable, & accessible
  • We have more than +5 years of experience
  • Medical equipment on rent is available. 
  • Quick ambulance facilities. 
  • 100% client satisfaction. 
  • Easily get an appointment online with one click. 


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