5 Tips To Take Care Of A Parent With Dementia At Home


Is Dementia A Disease Or Syndrome?

Dementia is a condition of memory loss that presents itself in the hippocampus and frontal cortex. Plaques accumulating in the critical parts of the brain are the leading agent of brain damage. The plaques accumulating are to be eaten through a Medication. Dementia is considered a syndrome and not supposedly a disease. Dementia attacks the cognitive and motor faculties I.e. memory and reasoning of an individual’s mind. 

Taking care of a parent with dementia at home is both a challenge mentally and physically. To take care of a patient going through dementia, one must be aware of its definition as well as evaluate what stage are they residing on.

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5 Tips to take care of a parent with dementia at home

  • Research about the condition – To take proper care of a patient, knowing every detail of their condition is an essential part of well being. Research as much as you can about taking care of a parent with dementia at home. Notice the changes in the routine of a loved one and learn about the syndrome through their healthcare provider or do your research on the internet. 


  • Pay attention to their needs – Conditions like this require severe and constant attention. Have a list of the things that make them uncomfortable, help them get clothes that are not too much of a pain to wear, find new and creative ways to communicate, take notice of their eating and swallowing.


  • Be honest with the rest of the family – A family is a team and a team is supposed to handle situations like this together. When even a single member of the family goes through something, it is the job of all to stick together. Children are not to be missed in this scenario. In case, young ones are there at home, Give them a brief description of dementia and discuss their doubts openly. 


  • Create a safer environment – Make all the changes that are needed to help create a safer environment for taking care of a parent with dementia at home. In times of emergency, give them a rapid source to get to you. Baby proof the house to help them grab support while taking a bath or walking around. Dark can be a cause of the problem, so have proper lights and brightness in every corner of the house.


  • Opt for in-home care – It won’t always be possible to be a caregiver all alone. Having some outside help is also a good resource. A loyal housekeeper may be difficult to find but can be of great help. Also, the online culture has made the ordering of grocery, medication, and home utility products much easier than before and you can make full-fledged use of it. 

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